Protestantism blog

Those familiar with my story know that I was an extremely enthusiastic, theologically literate, and deeply committed Protestant for 14 years (and in fact a Protestant minister and theologian), before I — much to my initial shock and chagrin — found myself finally converting to Catholicism in 1986.

They also know that I converted only because, after years of intensive — and ultimately worldview-altering — research into the matter, I became utterly convinced that classic Catholicism alone actually delivers the Biblical Christianity that Protestants aspire to profess and practice, and that — ironically — only by converting to the very Catholicism I had once vigorously preached against for so long could I honestly achieve the objective of my 14-year desire as a fervent Protestant to be in truth a “Bible-believing Christian.”

Because of this unusual historical odyssey I retain a unique love for Protestants (who continue to hold a very special place in my heart) and a keen interest in Protestant literature and the doings of the Protestant world. This blog will give expression to that genuine love and abiding interest by exploring the history and teachings of Protestantism, discussing significant books by Protestants and books about Protestantism (some by Protestants, some not). My hope is that, whether you are a Protestant or not, you will find this section of my website interesting, informative, and transformative.

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